Current Series

Current series:

Mindful Living

Training in mindfulness and meditation have been understood by Buddhist practitioners for centuries to be the key to a happy and fulfilling life. These practices are not confined to when we are sitting down, but can be integrated into every aspect of our life – becoming the foundation for everything we think, say and do.

Contrary to what many people believe, mindfulness training is not simply about “being in the moment”, but was originally taught as a process of training to remember special ways of thinking that form the basis of pure and beneficial thoughts and actions. This 4-week course will provide a traditional but accessible presentation of mindfulness training, exploring three core practices derived from Buddha’s teachings that can transform our daily living into a path to pure peace and happiness.

Please note: you can drop into any class you want. Each class is self-contained, suitable for beginners and for those with experience.Read more about what to expect at a class

Class schedule:

3 Oct4 Oct7 OctIntroduction to Mindful Living
10 Oct11 Oct14 OctAuthentic Generosity
17 Oct18 Oct21 OctMindfulness & Self-Control
24 Oct25 Oct27 OctA fresh approach to Problems

Future series:

Habits of Happy People (4 weeks) 31 Oct – 25 Nov