Current Series

Current series:

New Perspective for Life

With the hectic pace and demands of modern life, many of us feel stressed and over-worked. In this course we will learn Buddhist methods to face difficulties with a new attitude. Drawing from the boundless wisdom of Buddha, the teacher will encourage us to understand that how we view our situation determines our experience.

With this wisdom we can engage in our daily activities with a more peaceful and happy mind. Not only will this bring much benefit to us but also to our family friends and acquaintances along with other we come in contact with.

Class schedule:

Week 1Contentment (31 Oct)(1 Nov)(4 Nov)
“Without contentment, a rich man will think he is poor”- Geshe Kelsang Gyato. By
learning to be happy with what we have we can overcome our overwhelming
dissatisfaction, simplify our life and be able to focus more easily on internal

Week 2Acceptance (7 Nov)(8 Nov)(11 Nov)
In this class, we will learn how to maintain a calm and joyful mind even in the most
challenging circumstances through applying Buddha’s teachings on patient

Week 3Joy (14 Nov)(15 Nov)(No class due to Advice for a Happy Life day course)
It is very easy to allow our mind to focus in ways that are contradictory with our
basic wish to be happy. This class will explore teachings and meditations that
enable us to keep a positive mind and overcome negative thoughts such as
jealousy, competitiveness and discouragement.

Week 4Gratitude (21 Nov)(22 Nov)(25 Nov)
We can get so stuck focusing on the negative that we can forget to appreciate all the
benefit we receive from others. By maintaining an awareness of the kindness of
others in our life we can keep a positive, grateful mind that will make us more warm
and well disposed towards others and protect us from unhappy thoughts.

Please note: you can drop into any class you want. Each class is self-contained, suitable for beginners and for those with experience.Read more about what to expect at a class

Future series:

Living without Stress & Conflict (4 weeks) From November 29