Meditation class in Takapuna

Wednesday 7:30pm-8:45pm

Lake House Arts Centre,
in the Tindall Room

37 Fred Thomas Drive , Takapuna, 0622

Current series:

Controlling Desire and Attachment

Living in a constant state of desire or craving creates dissatisfaction in our mind and ultimately never leads to lasting happiness. By developing contentment we can free ourselves from deceptive desires and start to discover a more meaningful way of life.

Jun 13th: What is attachment?

Jun 20th: Love vs Attachment

Jun 28th: Freedom from grasping / renunciation

Jul 4th: The art of contentment

Future series:

Letting go of Jealousy & Resentment (4 weeks) 11 July – 01 August

Just drop-in. Each session is self-contained. Class fee is $15

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About the teacher

Jasmine Dungey

JAZZ is a bright and methodical Dharma teacher who brings her personal practical experience of Modern Buddhism and meditation to all her presentations. She comes from Christchurch, where she worked in medicine, but has now changed her career to the field of environmental protection. Jazz teaches weekly classes in Takapuna. She is clear and logical, using examples and analogies that make her teachings easy to put into practice to all aspects of daily life.

  • Wednesday
  • 7:30pm-8:45pm
  • Takapuna
  • Lake House Arts Centre,
    in the Tindall Room

  • 37 Fred Thomas Drive
  • $15
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