Meditation Class in Titirangi

Tuesday 7:30pm-8:45pm

Lopdell House
(The Seminar Room)

418 Titirangi Rd, Titirangi, Auckland, 0604

Current series:

Freedom from Painful Emotions

Based on the Four Noble Truths
Imagine a life completely free from anger, jealousy, ignorance and all the other painful states of mind. It is entirely possible by learning to control our mind. This course Freedom From Painful Emotions is based on Buddhas first teaching called The Four Noble Truths, by using this four step method we can integrate ancient Buddhist wisdom into our daily life. By mixing our mind with these timeless instructions we can liberate ourselves from all causes of suffering.
In the following series of classes you will discover each week a method for addressing a specific toxic mind – called delusions – and learn how to apply the positive mental opponent.
We will discover why these negative states of mind arise, and how through our meditation practice we can completely eliminate them from our mind. These practical methods will help us to experience a deep and satisfying emotional freedom, and give us the skills to be the
confident and joyful person we wish to be.

May 15: The Frustration of Life
Where is real happiness

May 22: The Origin of Painful Emotions
Why we suffer

May 29: The Solution to all our Problems
How to guard the mind

Jun 05: Complete Emotional Freedom
What should we be satisfied with?

Future series:

Controlling Desire and Attachment (4 weeks) 12 June – 3 July

Just drop-in. Each session is self-contained. Class fee is $15

About the teacher

Anastasia Dailianis

STAS is a working mother with two small children. She has a background in the performing arts, psychology and public sector project management – all of which give her many opportunities to put Buddha’s teachings into practice. Through her practical teaching style, Stas uses examples from her own experience to show how relevant and applicable Buddha's advice is for our modern lives.

  • Tuesday
  • 7:30pm-8:45pm
  • Titirangi
  • Lopdell House
    (The Seminar Room)

  • 418 Titirangi Rd
  • $15
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