Purifying Negativity

Saturday, 26 May 10:00am-1:00pm

Kadampa Meditation Centre Auckland

2 Stokes Rd, Mt Eden, Auckland, 1024

Do you experience distracting and disturbing thoughts? Having a busy mind can be a by-product of over stimulation or encountering difficult situations, however sometimes there seems to be no reason why we experience unpleasant thoughts or feelings. This is because of negative karma. If negative karma is present in our mind it is very difficult to be happy even if we are living in very good conditions.

It is due to karma that some people enjoy good health while others are constantly ill. Some people have a happy disposition that is easily pleased while others have a sour disposition and are rarely delighted by anything. All good fortune and hardship is created by karma. If we learn to purify our mind by using the four opponent powers we can be free from the causes of unhappiness and experience a light and happy mind all the time, and all our wishes will easily be fulfilled.

Topics Include
• Understanding Karma
• Take control of your life and future
• Applying the four opponent powers
• Attain purity and happiness

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About the teacher

Kelsang Pawo

Kelsang Pawo is the Resident Teacher of Kadampa Meditation Centre Auckland. He is a Kiwi Buddhist monk who is dedicated to helping people develop inner peace, and find real meaning in their lives. He teaches regularly at our Centre in Mt Eden, as well as in Onehunga & Takapuna.

  • Saturday, 26 May
  • 10:00am-1:00pm
  • Mt Eden
  • Kadampa Meditation Centre Auckland

  • 2 Stokes Rd
    Mt Eden
  • $30
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