Stop Blaming & Start Loving -Meditation Day Course

Saturday, 16 March 10:00am-4:30pm

Kadampa Meditation Centre Auckland

2 Stokes Rd, Mt Eden, Auckland, 1024

A Special Day Course with Kelsang Luma, Guest teacher from Christchurch

This world is full of difficult people and challenging situations. It is easy to blame. It is hard to love.

When we blame others we create a world full of enemies. The poison of resentment, the fire of anger, and the quagmire of unhappiness all come from blaming others. On the other hand, love is a beautiful state of mind. It fills our heart with happiness and brings joy to our family and friends. It costs nothing yet is the most powerful method to improve the world we live in.

When we look back over our lives do we want to see years of blaming others or years filled with love? We have to make a choice – we cannot do both. Buddha taught simple, practical, and effective ways to cultivate love in meditation and in daily life. During this talk, we will look at how we can put these teachings into practice and change our life. Forever.

Beginners welcome, no experience necessary.
Snacks and refreshments included.

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  • Saturday, 16 March
  • 10:00am-4:30pm
  • Mt Eden
  • Kadampa Meditation Centre Auckland

  • 2 Stokes Rd
    Mt Eden
  • $60
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