Meditation in Takapuna

Wednesday 7:30pm-9:00pm

Channel View Lounge

3 Gibbons Rd, Takapuna

Current series:

Find Happiness from Within

We all want to be happy, even in our dreams we search for happiness. But how many of us have found the true happiness that in our hearts we long for? Usually we look for happiness externally in our job our possessions, partners and so on but these can be unreliable and sometimes cause us a lot of pain.

In reality, happiness and suffering are parts of the mind; the former is a joyful feeling, and the latter an unpleasant feeling. By practicing meditation we can create an inner peace within our mind that causes pleasant feelings to arise naturally, with this peaceful mind we can be happy no matter how difficult life seems to be.

Please note: you can drop into any class you want. Each class is self-contained, suitable for beginners and for those with experience.Read more about what to expect at a class

Class schedule:

5 Sep6 Sep9 SepThe Secret of Happiness
12 Sep13 Sep16 SepHow to be Happy? Understand the Mind!
19 Sep20 Sep23 SepForming New Pathways, the Habit of Happiness
26 Sep27 Sep30 SepMeditation in Action

Future series:

Mindful Living (4 weeks) 3 Oct – 28 Oct
Habits of Happy People (4 weeks) 31 Oct – 25 Nov

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About the teacher

Jasmine Dungey

JAZZ is a bright and methodical Dharma teacher who brings her personal practical experience of Modern Buddhism and meditation to all her presentations. She comes from Christchurch, where she worked as a veterinarian, but has now changed her career to the field of environmental protection. Jazz teaches weekly classes in Takapuna. She is clear and logical, using examples and analogies that make her teachings easy to put into practice to all aspects of daily life.

  • Wednesday
  • 7:30pm-9:00pm
  • Takapuna
  • Channel View Lounge

  • 3 Gibbons Rd
  • $15
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