Meditations for Improving Relationships in Takapuna

Wednesday 7:30pm-9:00pm

Channel View Lounge

3 Gibbons Rd, Takapuna

LEARN TO MEDITATE with a qualified Buddhist teacher and experience inner peace and happiness.

MEDITATION is a way of calming the mind and developing a positive approach to life. By practising MINDFULNESS we can protect our inner peace and focus on what is most beneficial.

BY IMPROVING OUR MIND we improve the quality of our life and have a more positive influence on everyone around us. Through this our daily experiences will become more meaningful.

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About the teacher

Jasmine Dungey

JAZZ is a bright and methodical Dharma teacher who brings her personal practical experience of Modern Buddhism and meditation to all her presentations. She comes from Christchurch, where she worked as a veterinarian, but has now changed her career to the field of environmental protection. Jazz teaches weekly classes in Takapuna. She is clear and logical, using examples and analogies that make her teachings easy to put into practice to all aspects of daily life.

  • Wednesday
  • 7:30pm-9:00pm
  • Takapuna
  • Channel View Lounge

  • 3 Gibbons Rd
  • $15
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