Friend of the Centre Card

Practice giving and access unlimited classes

BE A FRIEND of the Centre! Show your support by acquiring a FRIEND OF THE CENTRE card for a monthly fee of $95 (plus any amount you may wish to donate).

IN ADDITION TO SUPPORTING our activities and ensuring that we can continue to benefit others, there are many special advantages to holding this monthly card.

WITH THE FRIEND OF THE CENTRE CARD you will have unlimited access to our weekly classes, courses, workshops and retreats held at the Centre and at any of our branches. You will also get a 20% discount on empowerments, talks by visiting Teachers, and special retreats organized outside of the Centre.

PLEASE NOTE that the FRIEND OF THE CENTRE card is available for a minimum period of 3 consecutive months and it does not include access to Festivals and Celebrations, nor does it cover the cost of meals, when they are offered.

WITH THIS SPECIAL CARD, if you attend various events per month, you will save money. But even if you cannot come regularly to our events, you will help support the development of modern Buddhism in New Zealand. This means that you will accumulate merit, or positive energy, as a result of your generosity and kindness. How wonderful!


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