Being a Spiritual Traveller

Being a Spiritual Traveller

Online Evening Talk

Live Online โ€ข Fri 19 Apr โ€ข Classic Members and above

If we contemplate the nature of our mind, we will realise that even when our body dies our mind continues. But even if on an intellectual level we already believe in the existence of future lives, we live our life as if they will never come. Our deeply rooted sense of being fixed and permanent leads us to spend our whole life in solving our present problems and acquiring possessions, status, comfort and relationships, all of which will inevitably disappear at death.

In this evening lecture Resident Teacher Kelsang Lachpa will help us develop a more realistic and beneficial view of ourself: that of being a spiritual traveller bound for future lives. As a result, our focus will naturally shift towards the things that really matter. Instead of worrying about whether we are wealthy, beautiful or admired, we will start to value and grow our inner qualities such as love, compassion, patience and wisdom. These qualities are our real inner wealth that will lead us to pure happiness and are all we will take with us when we leave this world.

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Fri 19 Apr
7 - 8.30pm




Free of charge.
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The Teacher

Teacher - Bio - Kelsang Lachpa

Kelsang Lachpa is a Buddhist monk and the Resident Teacher of Kadampa Meditation Centre Auckland. He has been ordained for over twelve years. He is an experienced and warm-hearted teacher, inspiring others to find lasting peace and happiness through the practice of meditation and Buddhism. Lachpa is known for his thoughtful insights into Buddha’s teachings and his joyful practical approach to teaching.