Karma: The Power to Transform Your Life

Karma: The Power to Transform Your Life

Half-Day Course

Live Online โ€ข Sat 7 Oct โ€ข Free of charge

Why me? That’s the question we often ask when we find ourselves immersed in problems. Buddha’s teachings on the law of karma give us a clear and practical explanation on why things happen the way they do. Through understanding the law of karma we can begin to change our experiences for the better. We learn how to create our future happiness and abandon the causes of future suffering. Understanding karma puts us in the driver’s seat of our own life.

In this course we will learn how, by understanding the law of karma, we can change our experience of the present, heal the past, and create a more fortunate future.

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Sat 7 Oct
9am - 12.15pm




Free of charge

The Teacher

Teacher - Bio - Kelsang Lachpa

Kelsang Lachpa is a Buddhist monk and the Resident Teacher of Kadampa Meditation Centre Auckland. He has been ordained for over twelve years. He is an experienced and warm-hearted teacher, inspiring others to find lasting peace and happiness through the practice of meditation and Buddhism. Lachpa is known for his thoughtful insights into Buddha’s teachings and his joyful practical approach to teaching.