Taming the Mind

Taming the Mind

Half-day Course: How Meditation Can Help

Mt Eden โ€ข Sat 18 May โ€ข $45

True well-being arises from a healthy and peaceful mind. Just as it is wise to maintain physical health, we all need to attend to our mental health. When we are in a good mental space we can easily cope with the challenges life poses, and grow into our potential, whereas a poor mind frame takes away our joy and fortitude. Over recent years, ancient meditation techniques have become mainstream in society, and meditation is now widely accepted as an important tool in maintaining and improving good mental health.

In this course we will learn about tried and tested methods to cultivate a strong and peaceful mind, and in this way unlock our potential for lasting happiness.

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Sat 18 May
9.45am - 1pm


Mt Eden Village Centre, 449 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden

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$45 (unwaged $30).
Free for Classic Members and above.
You may pay in person at the venue or pre-book.

The Venue

Mt Eden Village Centre
449 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden
Enter via Ngauruhoe Street
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Venue - Main - Mt Eden Village Centre